#7 resolutions?


Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve published my last post that wasn’t related to Paleica’s Magic Letter Project. Finally we’ve reached the last days of 2015, so I thought it would be a perfect time for a little summary… and maybe some resolutions, too.

I very much enjoyed beeing part of the Magic Letter Photo Project. I’ve seen lots of great photos and got a lot of inspiration. Unfortunately I haven’t manage to finish all the themes… 4 are left. Honestly I can not tell you exactly why, I have to meet my own demands for a picture, and I don’t always have or take the time I would need to do it properly.

Here are some of my favourite photos of this years project:


So I’ve decided that I won’t join another project for 2016 but come back to what this blog was intended to in the first place. Writing. Of course there will always be photos be here, for I find pictures go along well with written text.

The photo you see above is my favourite Autumn picture of 2015.

Hope to see you in 2016! Take care!

Magic Letters #23 water

#23A Water

# 23 water

Last day before the new theme… but I’ve made it 😀 Here’s my photo for Paleica’s Magic Letter Project for “W”.

Last Sunday was a rainy day… so perfect for photo-time… I’ve been standing next to my window for about 20 Min. before I even had breakfeast. My plan was to catch the raindrops when they start to run down the window. Well, I’m much to slow for that, but it was fun anyway. Success came with my boyfriend and the watering can he brought 😀

#23-2A Water


Magic letters #17 to #21

Well, it seems regulary posts don’t work for me. So again, I put the last 5 themes of Paleica’s Magic Letter Photoproject in a bundle to show them to you today! Enjoy

#17 B lively

# 17 lively

This is one of the beautiful summer photos I keep looking on again and again. Summer memories would be another title 😀

#18 B silence

# 18 silence

I don’t know why exactly I chose this photo, maybe because looking at it helps to steady my thoughts.

#19 B blackwhite

# 19 black/white

Making this photo was fun. I was thinking a bit if I’d really like to publish it, but since I’ve created it especially for this project I chose to do so. So here you see the storage of my skin care ampules.

#20 B doors

# 20 doors

Again, this is a photo taken at the Dutch coast during my summer visit. These kind of stalls seem to be typical for this region. I especially like the colors.

#21-1 B look down

# 21 look down

#21-2 B look down

Both photos were taken last weekend. I like the autumn atmosphere. And playing miniature golf was a lot of fun 😀

Magic Letters #11 to #15

Hey there! I’m still here, but unfortunately I haven’t had much time lately so I’ve missed four themes at Paleica‘s Magic Letter Photo Project. But today I’m going to show you all this missed photos plus the ones for the current theme. So let’s get started. ML#11 Art-Logo-klein

# 11 Art

Well, this theme was the most difficult one of this five. Though I like to visit art exhibitions every now and than I had to think a bit longer to find an object that is art and also looks nice on a photo. Finally I chose this sculpture from my favourite park for I find it’s posture most appealing.


# 12 Light

Light is everywhere, excepet in the dark. It was my intention not only to capture not only the light itself so I chose this fountain. I like the sparkling relefections of light in the pool where the drops hit the water 😀

ML#13 Metal-Logo-klein

# 12 Metal

They seems to be remains of another time – these old iron cast fences. Often an old manison is hidden and secured behind. This one belongs to a beautiful villa in The Hague/Netherlands.

ML#14 Night-Logo-klein

 # 14 Night

At nighttime I like to stay home where it’s warm and cozy so I don’t have a lot photos to choose from 😀 But I like to visit medieval markets when one is around. At the fireplaces it’s warm and cozy too so I don’t miss my bed too much 😀

ML#15 Up-Logo-klein

# 15 Up

Finally the the newest topic. This was very easy because there are some lovely photos that match for “Up”. Both of them were taken last week on our holiday trip.

ML#15 UP-2-Logo

magic letters #10 just now

#10 just now-1 Good morning everyone 😀 Here I am with another photo project pictures for Paleica’s Magic letters. Current theme is just now. And so I took some time this morning to take photos of my breakfeast. #10 just now-3 I do think it’ll fit perfectly beacuse it’s just a snap shot of the moment. After finishing the photo shooting I added some yoghurt and ate it right away. Don’t think I need to tell you that it was delicous 😀 And there are the raspberries. They are my favourite berries, I like them more than strawberries. And they’re only available at a short time each year. I love to go through the garden in the evening and pick the pink berries. Unfortunately they aren’t ripe yet, but I coudn’t resist buying some when I saw them in the supermarket yesterday.

magic letters #5 / #8 / #9

Hey there! Today I’m going to show you all the themes I’ve missed so far at Paleica’s Magic Letter Project. I’m happy to catch up and be ready for the next theme, which is coming up tomorrow 😀

# 5 the one


So, first theme I’ve missed was One. But not only one object, but one that is special, one that is different from all the others. I found the perfect object by chance last weekend. I was somewhere for a visit and my car got broken. And while it was fixed, I went for a walk through the industrial area. There on the pavement was a tiny blue toy car. It was lost and broken. Usually I don’t care much for toy cars. But this one made me smile and I was happy I found it.

# 8 portrait format


Next theme was portrait format. I actually had a perfect photo in mind for this theme. But it was a portrait and the model didn’t agree for it to be published here. I do understand that so I startet to search for something else. Finlly I chose this picture, because I like the contrast of light and dark, because of the warm light of the setting sun on the red brick wall and because of the reflection the lamp is creating. It’s not a perfect photo, but I like it anyway.

# 9 inside


 Last theme is Inside. My photo was made on a very touristic spot on the french coast. You can wander around there on the rocks and the sea is far below you. My companion does fear heights, so I was happy he came with me. At one point, there was a kind of natural cave with a hole to look out through. And that’s what you see here.

magic letters #7 mysterious


Hi there! Before we’ll find out about an exciting new theme at Paleica’s Magic Letters Project (tomorrow… yay) I’d like to show you my photo for the current one.

Again, this unfortunately isn’t a new picture. It’s from last fall. But actually I haven’t found a more mysterious one. I’m driving past this graveyard every day so I had to stop someday. It’s an old graveyard. Well I don’t you if you knew, but most graves here are flattend after 25 years. Of course that is necessary to create new space for new graves. Well, the tombstone will be removed too. And for me that fact is most bothering. I find it reassuring to know that after we’re dead and buried there’ll be a stone with ones name written on. That way the name and therefore the person is not forgotten. But when the stone is removed there’s nothing left to prove a person had existed.

Because of this, I’m always intrigued by old graves. What kind of person lies beyond this stone. And why did he or she have earned the privilege to endure while so many other names are forgotten.

Afflicting thoughts, I know. So I hope I’ll manage a happier photo for the next theme. See you!


magic letters #6 spring



Yes I’m still here. Even though I missed the last theme I’m also with Paleica’s photo project. Eventually I’ll show the missed photo sometimes later.

Anyway, unfortunately taking photogrphs wasn’t my priority in the last weeks, because I was bussy with a lot of other things that came around unexpectedly. This is one of the reasons why the photos I picked for today have been taken in spring 2014.

The other reason is the weather. While I write this I try to avoid looking outside because all I see through my window is rain and a grey and cloudy sky.

Paleica chose Frühling for our project theme. That’s the German word for spring. The magnolia you see above are my favourite heralds of spring. We used to have a big magnolia tree in our neightbours garden. The blossoms start to show after a few sunny days. But unfortunately their beauty is fragile. They’re easily frostbitten. So I love to see them. And I always hope they’ll survive as long as possible.

The cherry blossom is another of my favourite springtime photo objects. I’ve used the following picture for my Easter greeting cards this year.


magic letters #4 dim


The new magic letter theme is suiting me very well, because I already have a photo preapared for the blog. I konw, the picture itself is not perfectly sharp, but I like it anyway because of the atmosphere. Especially the clouds 😀 Anyway, there’s a story behind this photo, too. It was a nice and sunny autumn day and while having breakfeast we decided to go to this lake. We just wanted to go for a walk and enjoy the sun. Well, finally there we accidently meet my Mum. And instead of driving back home after our walk, we decided to stay with her. We had a great afternoon together and when we went to fetch the car, the sun has set and it was already geting dark. And that’s the time I took the picture. Well, there’s a second photo that is also quite fitting. It’s also one of my favourite photographs of 2014. It was published on this blog already, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ll show it again today.


So, which one do you like best?

magic letters #3 chaos


So, next theme for Paleica’s Magic Letters Project was Chaos. Though I’ve managed to take these photograph last weekend I needed some more time to think. This picture is not exactly chaos. It’s more irregularity. It’s nature.

We’ve had a walk in my favourite park before. All the plants there were neatly arranged and cared for. Despite the cold season everything’s tidy. No chaos to be found. But when we left and walked along the street, I noticed a wild plant. It looked like undergrowth, with hardly any leaves, but with some white and fluffy blossoms, almost like cotton. And it was huge. Nobody cared for it so it conquered it’s own space. As you can see it’s nearly the same height with the street lamp.


Here’s another picture of the blossoms. I really like it because of the fuzziness and the blue sky in the backround.

A different kind of chaos 😀